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<p>Tenor Saxophone - Bb - Gold Lacquer</p> <ul> <li>Good tone and body</li> <li>Strong emission in high and low register</li> <li>Great tact and feel</li> </ul>

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Tenor Saxophone - Bb - Gold Lacquer

The Colossus-S tenor is an extremely good tenor for the money; it is balanced with great emission and a solid free blowing action. The construction quality and finishing of this instrument is also surprising. Just holding the Colossus-S in your hands will give you confidence in its ability to last and it does just that; six years and not one return for any sort of manufacturing complication! This tenor has body and volume without that annoying metallic sound that some tenors produce. The tuning is also very good lending this instrument very well to playing in groups, bands or ensembles.

  • High F# key
  • Tenmpered blue steel springs
  • Hand mounted Italian leather pads
  • Medium light weight
  • Fabric covered backpack style case
  • Neck strap
  • Mouthpiece
  • Rico reed
  • Vaseline
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Gloves
  • 2 year warranty
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Mantenimiento de Saxofón

Mantenimiento de Saxofón

Download (199.28k)


Saxofón Tenor Sound Colossus tocado por Abraham Román

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2 Reviews

Maria Laura - La palma , 03/03/2018

Excelente atención y satisfecha con el saxofón, buena sonoridad y timbre.

Enrique Martín González - Sevilla , 08/18/2015

Pasé días buscando y comparando y compré el Colossus. Estoy muy contento. Relación calidad/precio muy buena. La entrega fue muy rápida. Muchas gracias.

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