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Trumpet - C Key - Gold and Nickel plated

The "LaStraDo-XS" is a well-rounded and complete trumpet! If you want a touch of salsa and a banging sound, here it is. A sharp / bright and clear high resister coupled with a seriously well balanced, focused and powerful middle and bass register make this a great C key trumpet for the serious musician . We have improved the tuning of the previous model, we have reduced the weight and we have added Monel pistons! The "LaStraDo-XS" trumpet is a very complete instrument.

This trumpet is for those who want to start their career going in the right direction. It is crafted with quality materials and has a very balanced and strong tone. Its pistons are carefully calibrated, they are responsive and smooth. With this trumpet anyone can achieve a rich tone in the style of the legendary Bach Stradivarius but at a fraction of the price!

All instruments are regulated by specialized technicians, with special attention to the tuning of the low and high registers.

  • Tube diameter - 11.65 mm
  • Bell diameter - 123mm
  • Gold and Nickel plated Body
  • "U" Hook on the first piston
  • Fabric-covered lightweight backpack style hard case
  • Mouthpiece
  • Gloves
  • 2 year warranty


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<p>Trumpet - C Key - Gold and Nickel plated</p> <ul> <li>Silver Plated finish</li> <li>Classic design</li> <li>Well balanced sound and great piston feel</li> <li>Easy blowing with centered tone</li> </ul>

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