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Trumpet - Sib - Goldmessing and white niquel brass

The PRO-1 trumpet is a bold step into professional territory for the Sound brand. We have united various production techniques to make a truly centred and free blowing PRO instrument. It has the heavy lead pipe adding body and stability to the sound as it enters the main tube. We have rounded out the curve of the master slide enabling the air to pass uninhibited. We now come to the pistons which are plated at the top with nickel and conterweighted to improve the feel and the tone in that area. The mechanics are all top quality, pistons monel of course and a very high quality gold brass throughout the instrument. The bell is fortified with an internal brass ring. All in all this is a fantastic trumpet ofr all ages and abilities,

  • Bb key
  • Tube diameter: 11,68mm
  • Bell diameter: 127mm
  • Gold lacquered brass
  • Piston casings plated with nickel at the top
  • Counter weights
  • Monel Pistons
  • Fitted case
  • PRO mouthpiece
  • Cleaning cloth
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Tested both mechanically and by musicians

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<p>Trumpet - Sib - Goldmessing and white brass</p> <ul> <li>Profesional model</li> <li>Full and centered tone</li> <li>Robust free blowing sound</li> <li>Great tuning</li> </ul>

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