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Alto Saxophone - Eb - Gold - XS Series

The XS Series has been developed as our mid-range or the next step in the world of wind. These instruments are handmade with high quality materials and professional craftsmanship. The XS has a big round sound, has personality and ability to navegate between registers and  can be compared to saxophones with a much higher price. We worked hard on the issue of response from this instrument and the comfort of the thing in your hands. We think that we have achieved these goals. With its large bell, the sound is fuller and richer than the saxophones from the lower series. This saxophone benefits from Japanese brass, this brass is lighter and more resonant than brass from the UUEE which produces a very honest and clear sound. The pads and resonators both come from Italy in the style of Selmer (no noise, non stick, good feel and great durability), real pearl buttons and double arm keys for the low C and B. Theengravings on the bell and body are handdrawn. It comes with a hard rubber mouthpiece (ABS) as Standard. This mouthpiece is simple more than enough to start playing with this great instrument. The case is professional, you can carry it as a backpack, shoulder bag or briefcase and has 2 pockets large enough for all your scores, books, accessories etc.. and the manufacture is very good. With this summary will think the price is over 1000 Euros, right? No, we offer all this with the same years warranty as well as the 21-day trial and all for less than 700 Euros! Buying an instrument so complete at this price is only possible at Donostisound!


  • High quality lacquered brass gold
  • High F #
  • Tempered blue steel springs
  • Hand mounted Italian style pads and "Selmer" style resonators    
  • Natural cork
  • Authentic pearl buttons
  • Double arm on low C and B keys
  • Luxury case, carry as shoulder bag or backpack . Large pockets
  • Mouthpiece and ligature
  • Rico reed
  • Approved by our technicians
  • 2 year warranty

Alto Saxophone XS Sound Gold Intermediate

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<p>Alto Saxophone - Eb - Gold - XS Series</p> <ul> <li>Centered tone</li> <li>Pearl buttons</li> <li>Luxury backpack style carrying case</li> <li>Full bodied and rounded sound</li> </ul>

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Mantenimiento de Saxofón

Mantenimiento de Saxofón

Download (199.28k)

Saxofón Alto XS Sound

Saxofón Alto XS Sound tocado por Abraham Román

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Rayko Alejandro Bossini - Las Palmas , 02/06/2015

Hola, buenas tardes. Ya recibí el saxo. La verdad es que me alegré al ver que luce más una vez que abres el estuche. En cuanto tuve la primera clase lo llevé a mi profesor de música. Está muy contento con su tonalidad y que para el precio es un buen saxo. Sólo echó en falta la boquilla que es bastante normalita, pero para aprender me sobra. Por vuestra excelente atención y amabilidad, junto al servicio prestado, os quiero dar las gracias y que tengáis mucha suerte. Muchas gracias.

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