Flute - C - Silver head joint - Open holes - Offset G key - B Foot joint

The "XS-BS" has a solid silver head joint which makes all the difference! The head joint is where the sound is formed in a flute and where all the character and tone arrive from. The rest of this flute isn´t bad either, a decent quality silver plate ensures that the sound reaches the foot joint with the same tone as it left the head and a fantastic finish on the pads and tone holes. The foot joint on this model has the low B note which is very useful when playing some more modern works that are written with this note included.The tone holes are drawn and rounded to ensure that the pads sit cleanly on top and don´t lose any air.  This model of flute has an offset G key system which is commonly known as the German system. The German system is most commonly used in northern Europe and is a slightly different key layout (the notes and order of the keys don´t change) which we believe to be more ergonomic and more comfortable especially for younger hands.
This flute will give the student a head start in his/her studies and will also last until they either pass it on to their siblings or they go to the higher conservatory when they will start thinking in terms of the big names in the flute world.

  • Solid sterling silver head joint
  • B Foot joint
  • High quality silver plate
  • Carefully crafted balanced mechanism
  • Open holes with plastic caps
  • Offset G key
  • Hand mounted Italian pads
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Split E mechanism
  • Cleaning rod
  • Hard shoulder bag style case
  • 2 year warranty



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<p> Flute- C - Open holes - Offset-G - Solid Silver Head</p> <ul> <li> Body and foot joint silver plated</li> <li> B Foot Joint</li> <li> Professional sound and feel</li> <li> Latex caps</li> </ul>

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2 Reviews

Patricia Lobato - Sanlúcar de Barrameda , 02/03/2015

He de decir que al principio dudaba un poco acerca de si comprarla ha sido la mejor compra que he hecho, la flauta suena a la perfección, la calidad es estupenda y el servicio al cliente inmejorable.

Sonia Suberbiola - Elorrio, Bizkaia , 02/03/2015

Mi más sincera enhorabuena por la atención al cliente, la rapidez y la eficacia, además de por el precio tanto en la venta de instrumentos como por sus arreglos. Os recomendaré sin ninguna duda.

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