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Piccolo - C - Body and head of ebony - "PRO" series

The PRO series piccolo as always deserves its position at the top of the range. It´s a professional instrument at a price of student instrument. The technician said, "What price is this piccolo at?" When I told her, her reply was "It sounds better than mine, and mine cost me more than 5 times this one! ..." The PRO sounds pro, we have removed all the shrill tone of the piccolo, we rounded the tone, the pitch is perfect with a sharp and precise respnse in all registers and a mechanism that is very soft and comfortable. It has a hand turned Ebony head joint and this is the reason that the sound is so well  rounded. Given that the body is of the same quality of wood and construction the PRO series piccolo produces a superb sound, and the price just cements the deal. Try the best piccolo in the market with the best quality / price ratio  guaranteed!

  • Ebony body
  • Ebony head joint
  • Professional tone
  • Perfect intonation
  • Fully set up and tested
  • Cloth
  • Cork grease
  • Tested by professionals
  • 2 year warranty


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<p>Piccolo - C - Ebony body and head joint</p> <ul> <li>Silver plated keys</li> <li>Easy to play</li> <li>Professional tone</li> <li>Perfect intonation</li> </ul>


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