Alto Saxophone - Eb - Vintage Series Jazz style - "PRO" Series

El Alto "PRO 6" is our version of the legendary Mark VI, it has an incredably focused tone and sound that seems omni directional it also has a much more balanced pitch than the original. The hand hammered bell, produces a big sound with a fantstic personality. If you want a darker sound you´ve found it, the warmth of it is astonishing... The PRO range is our pride and we have always wanted to make this style a saxophone. With the PRO-6 there are many sound possibilities as the attack of the sound is completely customizable a subjectivend musician who plays it. The "PRO-6" has a professional feel, an ergonomic and comfortable digitation, and a mechanism that will endure through time. It is equipped with front F key (X),  Selmer style music stand, pearl buttons on the keys, and the best, optimum response when you start to blow. Ladies and Gentlemen, the "PRO-6"!

  • Tempered blue steel French springs
  • Calf leather Pisoni pads
  • Real pearl buttons
  • Music stand Support
  • Do # articulated (Selmer type low keys)
  • Dark aged golden finish
  • Hand hammered bell
  • Hard, material covered case with reinforced handles
  • Padded neck strap
  • Ligature
  • Mouthpiece
  • Reed
  • Cleaning cloth
  • 2 years warranty


PRO 6 Matt

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<p>Alto Saxophone - Eb - "PRO" Series</p> <ul> <li>Vintage sound and feel</li> <li>French springs and screws</li> <li>Pisoni pads</li> <li>Professional tone & sound</li> </ul>

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Mantenimiento de Saxofón

Mantenimiento de Saxofón

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Alto PRO 6 Matt

Saxofón Alto Sound PRO-6 tocado por Charley Rose

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Benito Torres - Sabadell , 02/06/2015

Tacto y sonido muy buenos y buena afinación... Un placer hablar con el técnico que despejó todas las dudas en cuanto a elección del producto. Estoy muy contento con el producto ya que es sólido y parece que va a durar bastante tiempo y bastantes batallas. He utilizado siempre Yamaha (serie 62) y me estoy planteando vender el tenor que tengo para comprarme un custom de la marca Sound.... con eso lo digo todo...

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